Saturday, March 5, 2016

Petaloo Pots o' Gold

Everyone's Irish and needs a pot o' gold on St Patrick's Day,  right?  I made these fun pots o' gold filled with chocolates to celebrate the day by combining a couple of different Silhouette Cameo files. The bases are four leaf clovers cut from Graphic 45's Children's Hour 6 x 6 Patterns and Solids Pad. I formed cups from paper bands that I cut from Children's Hour March Montage paper and glued these to the base.  The fun part is, of course, embellishing with Petaloo's gorgeous blooms and berry picks! Remember the berry picks are great to pull apart as I did.  I saved the leaves for another use and just pulled out the berry stems.

 I cut some smaller 4 leaf clovers and glued to green wire to make the clover picks.

Petaloo Supplies:

Burlap Blossoms x 4 1200-200 Ivory
Burlap Flowers x 11 1208-200 Ivory
Burlap Blossoms x 4 1200-214 Pistachio
Burlap Flowers  x 11 1208-214 Pistachio
Burlap Butterflies & Blossoms x 5 1203-203 Yellow
Botanica Blossoms x 4 1102-107 Lav/Purple
Botanica Berry Clusters x 3 1105-107 Lav/Purple

Graphic 45 Supplies:
Children's Hour March Montage 12 x 12
Children's Hour Patterns & Solids 6 x 6 Pad

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