Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Tutorial for Eileen Hull's Cantilevered Sewing Box by Sizzix

I was really excited when the cantilevered sewing box die came out as it brought back fond memories of my Mother's sewing box.  It is just like hers in a miniature version!  It has 6 little drawers that are great for storing small items like buttons, bobbins, charms, etc.

It opens up so effortlessly making it such a useful box!

This may look intimidating but it really isn't.  Follow my tutorial and you'll have a finished box in no time.

 You can easily make this box, here's what you'll need:

36 small brads


The key to making a box covered with paper inside and out, is to adhere your paper to the matboard BEFORE die-cuting.  This simplifies it all so much!

Step 1: To begin, cut 2 sheets of paper for the outside and 2 sheets of paper for the inside of the box, and 2 sheets of mat/chip board, all  to 6" x 12".  You will need additional mat board and design paper but  you can use smaller pieces and scraps for this part.

Step 2: Adhere paper for the outside of the box on one side of the matboard and adhere  paper for the inside of the box on the other side.  Be sure to burnish the adhesive down.  Using adhesive sheets ensures a strong bond and I find it much easier than using glue, but its a personal preference thing!  Also I like putting the adhesive on the paper rather than the matboard, again works better for me, personal preference. 

Place the outside design paper down over the die and run through your machine.  (In this tutorial, it is the blue side that goes down over the die) Die-cut both sheets of covered 6" x 12" matboard.

Step 3: Then use smaller pieces of matboard and paper to die-cut 4 more drawers and 2 more sets of hinges (the long narrow pieces on the die.)

Step 4:  You should have 6 drawers, 2 lids, 2 leg sets, 4 long hinges and 8 short hinges as shown in the photo.

Step 5: Ink around all the pieces if so desired. I like to use a Faber-Castell Big Brush pen to get in the scored grooves, a Sharpie also works. DO be careful not to let the pen slip! (I inked the blue chest but not the green one.)

Step 6:  Next, form the boxes by gluing the sides together using a fast drying glue.   You can use a rubber band to hold the sides together until the glue sets up.   Assemble all 6 drawers.

Step 7:  Cut a piece of chip or mat board and a piece of design paper  2 1/8" x 6" to use as a base for the drawers.  Adhere the design paper to the matboard.

Step 8:  Apply Scor-tape or other adhesive to the narrow side of a box (side without the holes) and apply Scor-tape to the underside of the base from Step 7.

Step 9:  Adhere two of the boxes together as shown below.  Make sure the boxes sit flat, if they don't,  don't force the bond between them, just adhere the two boxes to the base.

Step 10:  Fold the leg assembly on the score lines.  Adhere to the bottom of the base as shown. I used Scor-tape because it instantly bonds.

Step 11:  Use small brads to attach the 4 long hinges on the outer corners as  shown.  Attach 4 short hinges to the middle as shown.

Step 12:  Stack two boxes on top and attach the hinges as shown.

Step 13:  Stack the remaining two boxes and attach the remaining 4 hinges as shown as well as attaching the other hinges.  Attach a brad through the 4 empty holes on each side.

Step 14:  The two remaining pieces are the lids. (Sorry I forgot to photo this step.)    Apply Scor-tape to the small tab and insert into the top box so that it forms a cover as shown below.  You could also attach to the outside of the box. Then embellish as you desire.

And that's all there is to it!  If you have questions, post in the comments and I'll respond.  Thanks for joining me.


Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Eileen Hull It's All About Stitching Dies!


Welcome to the 2024 January Sizzix Release Party of Eileen Hull’s newest die collection! We are celebrating with a Live party and this Blog Hop! Eileen’s Teams have been hard at work creating with Eileen’s new products and have quite a lineup of inspiration for you.

If you've longed for some of Eileen's older dies, The Classic Cantilever Sewing Box, Embroidery Hoop and Needle Book dies have been brought back because you asked! These dies all relate to stitching but you can use them is so many different ways! They are all Bigz dies which are so versatile because of the number of materials that may be cut with them.


I was so excited to see the Cantilever Sewing Box XL Die, as my Mom had a wooden sewing box just like it and I now own it. It’s great for storing sewing supplies like needles, thread, buttons, floss and pins- but it also works for hair bands and clips, small storage items, jewelry, desk organization and small treats. Use the drawers separately to organize your desk drawers or create a shadowbox- so many ways to use! The finished size is 3 1/2” x 6 1/4” x 2 1/4”.  I will have a step by step tutorial on this blog January 9 to make this sewing box so be sure to come by.

The Embroidery Hoop measures 4” and is designed to be cut from thick material such as matboard or chipboard. You can actually tuck thin fabrics in the hoop and stitch on them. Or you can die cut from paper and use the hoop on card fronts. Use the pieces separately or all together.

I'll be the first to tell you that sewing is not my thing. My Mom was a seamstress extraordinaire. She tailored suits, made every stitch of clothing I ever wore until I got out of high school. She did teach me to sew and I became proficient but I hate it! So here are other ways to use this adorable embroidery hoop.

I collect all things "chicken". This image came from a napkin so I framed it with the embroidery hoop.

I used a bit of linen to make a memory hoop to display some of my Dad's military service pins. Its not pretty but it honors my Father. Those are his actual dog tags.

The Needle Book is also a ScoreBoard die and features a pretty scalloped edge to the book. It measures 3 1/2” x 2 1/4" x 1/2" and is perfect for storing your stitching needles and pins- works great when made from felt! But it can also be made from matboard, chipboard, leather or fabric- one of the benefits of the Bigz dies.

I made the needle book from felt and inside it's magnetic!  Just toss your needle on it and it sticks.  There's no need to poke it thru the felt to keep in the book.  (and your finger as I would do 😏)

This cute little book also makes a sweet notebook that you can easily tuck into your purse or pocket.  I put blank pages inside where I can write myself a note.

Please join us for the It’s All about Stitching Release Party that will be held on Tuesday, January 2nd at noon Eastern time on Eileen's  YouTube, Facebook and Instagram pages. Eileen and her team will be sharing creative ways to use these dies and we can’t wait to share them with you! There will be giveaways so make sure to tune in and see how to enter to win!


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