Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I'm Flying Unicorn!

I am so excited to be rejoining the design team at the Flying Unicorn after a 2 year hiatus!  I have missed all my many friends and fellow design team members there.

Congrats to everyone, I am so looking forward to working with all of you!

Denise Jensen – USA
Heather Thompson-USA
Jennifer Snyder-USA
Karine Gagnon -Canada
Lydia Vanderplas-Guijt-USA
Lynne Woolgar – USA
Maggi Harding – USA
Marta Turska –Poland
Melinda Thompson - Australia
Michelle Frisby – Australia
Natalya Trofimova -Russia
Shona Keehn – Canada
Song Conghui Li-USA
Tammy Henderson - USA
Tetiana Komarova-Russia
YasminTölche -Norway 

Our Sponsored Designers:
Aida Domisiewicz-Poland
Olga Heldwein –Germany

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