Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Honoring our veteran's

Today I ask you to say a prayer for all the men and women serving in the Armed Forces all over the world.  I'd like to share some pages I've done over the years of men in service.

My Dad receiving the Legion of Merit medal for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of his duties. Dad earned two Legion of Merit awards during his 28 years in the Army, one for service in Vietnam and one for service in Germany. The Legion of Merit is one of the highest noncombat medals awarded .

This is my husband's grandfather getting ready to deploy to Europe during WW I.  This photo is a real treasure to me.  Love that "dough boy" uniform!

My husband's father during WWII. I love this photo so much.  His Dad paid the ultimate price as he died during the Korean War when his plane crashed.

Another of our nation's heros during WWII.  These aviator photos were so fabulous!  This is  one of my dearest friend's father.

 My Uncle during WWII.  He certainly was a handsome soldier!

My son-in-law, step daughter and husband at his reenlistment.

My aunt and uncle during WW II.  After I got out of high school, my parents went overseas so my aunt and uncle's home was where I went for holidays and such.  I called my uncle, "Uncle Daddy" as he was like a 2nd father to me.

My husband had already retired from 24 years in the Navy  when we were married. I have not scrapped any photos of him in his uniform and that's a situation I need to remedy!  This was our family when we were married, Leda the dobie and Tiffany the Yorkie.  They were the best of friends and Tiffany was the alpha dog!


  1. These are such amazing pictures. What beautiful keepsakes.

  2. Maggi, these pictures are really special!

  3. Maggi, your photos - with all the memories - and the way you've scrapped them - I just love every bit of this post!!!


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