Thursday, October 28, 2021

Cookbook for Creative Embellishments

Did you know I have two hobbies, one is paper crafting, the other is cooking.  I love to cook for other people and make a big mess in the kitchen (I don't like cleaning it up so much 😂) So every year since 2011 (except that bad year 2020 😣) my scrappy bff's have arrived on my doorstep with two tons of scrappy "stuff", a pair of pj's and their appetites waiting for some Maggi Camp home cooking.

We decided that a recipe book of camp dishes was necessary.  I am the only obsessed cook in the crowd so I don't expect this cookbook to get used alot.  One of the gals said she would give the recipe to her SIL to make for her. LOL!!!! 

Well anyway, here it is.  I used Graphic 45's Farmhouse Collection to make the cookbook and lots of great chippies from Creative Embellishments.

The gang!

I used Wood Veneer Recipe Words throughout the cookbook.  I left them in their natural state as they looked great on the cookbook as is.

They were too large to fit on the tabs I had but I decided that didn't matter.  The tabs divide the sections and help turn the pages.  I thought the titles worked well just beneath the tabs.

...or at the bottom of the page.

Yes, "from my kitchen to yours", its the perfect quote for a cookbook, or a food gift.  I heat embossed the words with black and mustard embossing powders.

I am a firm believer that good food makes for a good life!

Front and back covers.

From Creative Embellishments


The Cinch - used to bind to book

Does anyone use a cookbook these days?  I had a bookcase full of them but gave 90% of them away when we moved.  When I am looking for a recipe I usually run to my computer.  Of course I have my Mom's 4 recipe boxes and in there I know are some treasured recipes from my childhood.  I really need to go through them and organize!

Thanks for stopping by today!  
xoxo Maggi


  1. I’m so happy to be a gang member! This cookbook is a treasure—artistically and culinarily. I AM using it—taking ingredients to Gunnison for Chicken Pot Pie, Breakfast Casserole, and Squash Casserole. Hope i can do the recipes justice—they are yummo from Maggi’s kitchen.

    1. Glad you are using it!! Biggest hint on chicken pot pie, make sure it is super thick before pouring into the piecrust.


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