Saturday, November 3, 2012

Escape Kitty and Chena**Nov KOM Flying Unicorn**

The Flying Unicorn Nov KOM, Solace for the Heart, is packed with fabulous papers and embellies.  Here's the first LO I did featuring that famous duo Escape Kitty and Chena!

So here are the famous duo, Chena and Escape Kitty. I have no idea where those two are right now, last I heard they were hitchhiking out west, you know those two, always looking for adventure. Looks like they've stopped en route to have their portrait made.  Look at them in their western wear, I hear Kitty is running for Sherriff and you know Chena will be Deputy Dawg!  Election day is Tuesday, be sure to get out and vote Escape Kitty for Sheriff!! 

Meanwhile,  I know they love the finer things in life soI am expecting to find them in Napa Valley relaxing at a spa somewhere sipping on some vino!!

Thanks to Kitty's Mom, Jen aka Jrabs for the wonderful photo of Kitty and Chena.

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