Saturday, November 24, 2012

CSI case #47 - Chena and Escape Kitty in San Francisco

I have been having lots of fun with Chena and Escape Kitty!  Those two are such adventurers.  Well I thought they would turn up in Napa Valley at a vineyard but instead, here they are at Fisherman's Whart hanging out with the sea lions! 

I used this weeks color palette from case # 47 from CSI.  This is a great color challenge site, be sure and check it out.

I used the the Sept KOM from the Flying Unicorn for this LO plus some added embellies from my stash.

The evidence -Frames - small Polaroid frame at the top
Greenery - floral leaves
Flourishes - in the Dusty Attic corner pieces

Testimony -Welcome to San Francisco Kitty and Chena!

Hmmm it does not appear that the sea lions have given you a very warm welcome. I mean they are all asleep, you know? Since you’ve never met a sea lion before, I have these words of wisdom for you.

• Do not offend the sea lions, they are bigger than you!
• Do not steal their fish Kitty, I know you like fish but seriously, you are very small and they are very big!!
• Do not push that sea lion in the water that you are cozied up to, that is rude and then the other sea lions might push you in the water and we all know that Kitty hates to get her fur wet.
• Chena do not mock them by barking like they do.
• Do not call them names like Whiskers, Blubbers, and the like, they might call you lunch and that would not be a good thing!

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