Saturday, November 17, 2012

CSI case #46 - Chena and Escape Kitty

The Flying Unicorn is a proud permanent sponsor for CSI, and this month the Flying Unicorn CT was invited to be guest detectives!  So I've been having lots of fun solving the color palette this month!

Case #46 features a paletter of brilliant purple and hues of green-yellow.  Purple always throws me for a loop but I gave it my best!

Here we have that famous duo off on another adventure. Escape Kitty and Chena heading west!

Why so solemn and sad Deputy Chena and Sheriff Kitty? Is hitchhiking not working out for you? Well its no wonder, neither of you have thumbs, and that is an essential part of anatomy needed for hitchhiking! I bet everyone is afraid to pick you up ‘cause you look like escapees from a circus or a carnival with that cowgirl gear on.

So… are you having to walk out west? It is a long ways but don’t fret, perhaps you and Kitty can write a famous book when you’re done with your trip, you know kinda like Homeward Bound. Hey, then you can pay me and Jen back for all the charges on our credit cards!

I really don’t know where Chena and Kitty are headed. She barked something about wanted to see the U.S. Now I do know that Kitty and Chena do like the finer things in life and I am just guessing they are on their way to California to enjoy the good life at a vineyard somewhere. I suppose Kitty could get a job as a mouser in a wine cellar. I’m not sure what Chena could do, but please Chena, don’t eat the grapes, they can make you very very sick. I think she’d make a great tour guide don’t you?

Stay tuned, I am expecting more photos – Chena loves to pee-mail photos to me. I am not sure how she takes pictures, lacking fingers and all that. I guess she found some sweet soul to take this picture for her. She probably pushed the camera into their hands and looked at them with those sweet sad puppy eyes. Yeah, she gets her way a lot just by giving me “those eyes.”

Thank you Jen (jrabs) for letting me use this fabulous photo of Kitty and Chena and for allowing Chena to play with Kitty!!  Be sure and visit Kitty's blog too, and read the rest of the stories!!

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