Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Mixed Media with Eileen Hull's Full Size Journal by Sizzix

 This is a little tease because I'm going live with Eileen sometime the week of November 11th to show you how to make a mixed media journal cover using clear gesso, mists and Sizzix Luster Wax.  Til then here's a preview of what we'll be doing.

Here's the front cover.  It's still a work in process but the mixed media part is done.

This is the journal cover in its beginning stages.

And here I masked on some Luster Wax. (Tip, stamp cleaner works great to remove the wax from stencils and fingers.)

Cutting Full Size Journal Covers

Do you sometimes have difficulty getting your steel ruled dies to feed through your die-cut machine?  Here's a tip.  First I want to tell you that you can cut a Full Size Journal with your Spellbinders Platinum 'cause that's how I cut mine.  But, it wasn't the easiest thing I ever did!  I couldn't get the die to feed through the machine.  So, this is how I made it work.  Put the plates so that they extend over the end as in the photo below and feed the opposite end in first.

So, here are the steps in detail (this works with any machine that you're having trouble getting the die to feed)
  1. Cut mat or chip board slightly larger than the journal cover.
  2. Place the die face up on a cutting plate.
  3. Place the mat or chip board on the die covering the journal cover.
  4. Cover with another cutting plate.  Make sure the plates are completely extended over the end of the journal cover part of the die.
  5. Feed the opposite end into your machine.
I hope that makes sense!  It's a little hard to explain and I will go over it in my Facebook Live with Eileen Hull the week of November 14.  I'm not sure of the exact date but I will let you know on my Facebook page.  I will be making the back cover for this journal on the Facebook Live using the same techniques as the cover.  I hope you can join me!


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