Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tutorial for adding a border trim to a circle

This is such an easy thing to do but thought I would share it with you.

1.Cut out a border strip using whatever border punch you want. Below I have cut two different borders just to show that each will work.


2. Cut the punched border strip into segments as pictured. It looks good to ink the segments particularly if you are using paper with a white core


3. Glue the individual segments to the backside of the circle:

4.  And that's all there is to it, easy and it looks great.

Here's a layout I did using this technique to go around the diecut on the left.


  1. Hiii Maggi :) this is amazing ty for the tutorials.I hope you do not mind but I have tagged you in a blog award. You can see it here

    huggs Shona

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us Maggi, I have already used this knowledge on one of my layouts and am quite thrilled with it. :)

  3. Great tutorial i love it.Your scrap pages are so beautiful . I like your style and wonderful pictures.

  4. A great idea. I too LOVE your work. Thanks for sharing! SueC


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