Saturday, February 5, 2011

The obsessions continue...

LOL!!!  I really am glad that I am semi-retired because I really am obsessed with the need to create something!  Perhaps it is the artist in me re-emerging after a 40 year nap.  Once upon a time I thought I wanted to be an artist.  Then I went off to college enrolled in the art school.  Oh my, it took about 6 weeks to decide that I was a horrible artist and I hated college.  I stayed through the end of the semester and that was the  end of chapter one in the 12 year saga of Maggi finally gets a degree, in accounting no less.  How DOES one go from being an artist wanta be to a CPA?  Got me, I think I'm out of balance now and back to being an artist! LOL! 

The fun side of what I'm doing these days includes photo editing and that's kind of obsessive too.  Hmmm I think a pattern is emerging here.  OCD anyone??  Well I've been playing around with brushes in PSE and have started working on an angel poodle.  Stay tuned, I'm going to try and write a tut on this once I master it.  Look for it in a few days I'd say!

Well, I hear my other obsession, although often ignored, reading calling me.  Deep into Tom Clancy's and whoever his other writer is, new book.  I'm enjoying it but I fall asleep after reading about 4 pages so I'm not getting far fast!  By the time I finish the book, I will have forgotten the beginning.

And so it goes...

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  1. NICE blog,glad you found your way to Bella Creations! :)
    I am reading a book also, but it takes me forever too because I can't get out of my scraproom to read it! LOL


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