Friday, January 14, 2011

More Denali pages!

Breaking out of the mould and trying to get a bit funky with this LO.  I love collages!  Its hard to believe that is was June 28th by the looks of what we are wearing in this picture!  We had alot of cool days while we were at Denali and alot of rain so on most days you would find me bundled up in a polartec with this windbreaker over top!  Dick is a bit hardier than me and wasn't always so bundled up! 

Again, using up my stash and some new pps too from DCWV. ( the background paper and the brown)  There's some old Bo Bunny and Crate Paper, Karen Foster and MAMBI stickers. 

Journal:  Our slice of heaven, here on earth is located 29 miles deep inside Denali National Park at the Teklanika Campground where we had the good fortune to be campground hosts for six weeks. There was no telephone, no cell phone service, no computer hookup and electricity only if we generated it, and even then, generators were allowed only for 2 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the late afternoon into the evening. What’s not to like about that??

Well, I guess it’s not for everyone but Dick and I embraced it 100%. We had so much fun and just enjoyed lots of walks through “our” campground visiting with all of our guest campers and keeping a watchful eye out for wildlife in the campground. Fortunately we did not have any large wildlife like bears or moose visiting, but we did have the occasional lynx and wolf. We never saw the wolf but he left his calling card near our camper, his scat!
Ok, never thought I would find “scat” interesting, but you know if was ‘cause it was full of hair! Could have been rabbit, squirrel or even something larger such as a moose calf. One of our campers showed us a video they had taken from the bus of a wolf strolling down the road with a caribou hindquarter in its mouth. No doubt he was taking it back to the pack to feed the pups. There was a pack of 12 wolves with 7 cubs visible from the road that were spotted quite often during our stay there. We heard from a ranger that two of the pups were gone and assumed they had died. Life is tough in the wilderness even if you are at the top of the food chain as the wolves are. There is no human intervention, nature takes its course.


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