Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm back on my game!

LOL, yesterday was not a good day.  For the first time ever, I actually tore a LO apart 'cause it was just plain ugly.  I salvaged what I could from it.  Today was better.  I was trying to get this picture on a layout and it just wasn't working for me yesterday!

Dick took this picture this summer at Denali.  I had fun photo shopping this photo, I must admit.  It really was a stormy day but I accentuated that feeling by using some effect, I forget now what it was called.

Used GCD Studios Artsy Urban pps for this.  The main floral sheet was hard to design with but I actually am pleased with this.  I think it has that old fashioned post card look to it. 

Journal says:  Denali National Park, July 2010. The Eielson Visitors Center is 66 miles inside the park and generally, the only way to get there is on a shuttle bus. The visitor center sits on a steep slope overlooking glaciated valleys that were carved by the glaciers that still flow from the Alaska Range. On a clear day, Denali will be out towering over the rest of the Alaska Range rising 18,000 feet from its base. Unfortunately, this wasn’t one of those days, and instead, bone chilling winds and dark storm clouds greeted us. Still, whatever the weather, the sight of the landscape at Eielson stays with me always. On this day, I was taken with the beauty of our flag standing at full attention against the dark foreboding skies and the snow capped mountains.

I am happy to working on our Alaska pictures now.  I think I need to go buy an album just for all the LOs that will be forthcoming.  Between Dick and I, we have hundreds of photos from the summer.  It is really hard to pick out just a few to tell the story!!  TFL!!

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