Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Photo Cube with Shadow Box Frames

 Here's a really fun thing you can do with 4 Shadow Box Frames.  

To make this, build four frames all the same size, then glue the end to the back of the next frame all around until you have a square or rectangle, depending on the size frame you used.  To hold it all together nicely, cut 2 pieces of heavy cardstock or thin chipboard the size of your frame box and cover the top and bottom.

I didn't think the end of the frame glued to the next frame was very attractive, so I cut pieces of design paper and covered where the frames adjoin each other.  This would be really great to mount on a turntable so that the cube would spin!

Of course it "needed" someting on top, so I added flowers, ribbon, and a tag.

This would make a great grandparents' gift by placing photos of the grandchildren in the frames.  You know that would be a big hit!

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  1. This is genius Maggi! Love the idea of a carousel ❤️👏


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