Thursday, August 9, 2018

Halloween Layout with DCWV and Little Birdie Flowers

DCWV Sketch Challenge
I love crafting but just like everything else, sometimes it gets tedious.  You know those are the days when you can't get your vision on paper.  BUT today was NOT one of those days!  I had a blast today coming up with this layout for the August DCWV sketch challenge. 

Halloween layout with DCWV and Little Birdie Crafts flowers.

The Process
Well it was quite a process, first I had to find an image that I thought fit the picture in my head of a "balck widow".  I love the smirk on this gal's face, but of course the coloring was all wrong so it was time to photo shop!  

This is the original image, not exactly the colors I had in mind!  Once I adjusted the photo's colors I dropped a spider web and spider over her image.  Really fun stuff!  The spider image is a photo I took several years ago.  Eeek, I opened my compost box and there she was.  OMG she was huge, I had never seen a black widow before and ran for my camera and snapped some photos, and, I confess, the bug spray too.  I did not want any black widows near my garden.  Ok, I have since seen other black widow spiders and I kid you not, this one was at least twice as big as the others I 've seen since.

The Sketch

Here's the August sketch for the DCWV challenge.   If you like sketch challenges, take a look at DCWV's because you could win a paper stack!  Click here for a link.

DCWV sketch challenge, August 2018

Well once I got my photos straightened out, it was time to put together my layout.  I layered up some papers from the Dark Fairytale stack from DCWV and followed the basic layout of the sketch.  I did flip it horizontally 'cause I couldn't bare to cover the image of the spooky tower!

The Flowers

I don't do many things that aren't covered in flowers.  That's just who I am!  Oooh and the flowers I use on this layout are devine!  They are Little Birdie Crafts Rosalind Mulberry and they are the perrfect color for halloween.  The colors range from a dark purple to a smokey purplish gray.  They are perfection, I need more!

Halloween layout with DCWV and Little Birdie Crafts flowers.
All the flowers and leaves on this layout are from just one pack of flowers, there are 21 pieces in total in a pack.  I love that.

Halloween layout with DCWV and Little Birdie Crafts flowers.

These are such beautiful roses!
Halloween layout with DCWV and Little Birdie Crafts flowers.


DCWV Dark Fairytale

Little Birdie Crafts Rosalind Mulberry 21 pc

Lindy's Screamin' Banshee Black Mist



  1. I'm so impressed with the Photoshop work on that image! What a FANTASTIC photo of the black widow spider! OMG!!!!!! I've only seen one in my entire life and it was when we were building our home in 1997. My sweet kitty, Sophie, was very interested in something in the dirt and when I saw it I grabbed her up and put her in the house, then I crushed the Black Widow underfoot. YIKES! Love your 'freaky' layout by the way. :)


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