Friday, September 19, 2014

Raining Cats and Dogs, Finally!!

Ever since Graphic 45 revealed its Raining Cats and Dogs collection, I have been dying to own it!!  Finally I received my shipment of these lovely papers, chippies, tags, etc.  Oh yeah, I ordered LOTS of this collection with all the embellishments!!  I even got all the stamps.  So if you know me, you know that this is expected behavior as I am crazy about my dogs, they are my children and I love them to pieces!

My first project with this collection is this tag mini that I made using a Graphic 45 tag album.  I adore the rich colors!

The poodles were diecut withCottage Cuts dies.  I used Ranger black puffs embossing powder to get that "curly" look on the black poodle.  It was perfect for making the poodle's coat!  The white poodle was embossed with Ranger weathered white Embossing Antiquities.  That, too, made great poodle hair!

Really, what more does this girl need, but a dog?  Well, I need two dogs, LOL!!

Here's the 2nd page.  It has a pocket where you can slip in some photos.  The little stamp near the bottom is me holding my sweet Chena when she was just a pup.  She is giving me a sweet poodle kiss!

Here are a couple of tags partially out of the pocket.

I have always loved the comic strips and one of my very favorites is "For Better or For Worse".  I saved this particular strip because it really expresses my emotion as far as new puppies are concerned!

The page flips up to reveal these two pages.

Because I am really quite silly, :-), I send out adoption announcements when we adopt a new puppy.  On the bottom right, I've added a litle pocket that holds the adoption announcements for all four of our poodles.

 In 2010 we went to Alaska for 2 1/2 months.  We had just lost Chili to autoimmune diseases so Chena was an "only dog".  Oh my, did she ever enjoy that!  While in Alaska, we campground hosted at Denali National Park and Chena was the "official" campground dog!  We had so many visitors from all over the world and they were missing their furbabies so they were thrilled that Chena would allow them to love all over her!

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the tales of Chena and Escape Kitty.  This is one of my favorite pictures of those two hooligans.  Thank you to Escape Kitty's Mom, Jen Synder for allowing me to use her photo!  You can read all about Escape Kitty and Chena on Kitty's blog.

 After we lost Chili, we adopted the sweetest poodle in the world, Nika.  Ah sweet Nika, she is most often called Noodle.  Why?  Well she's just kinda noodley and she loves to cuddle more than any dog I've ever known!

I love the letters in this collection!

I've got a little pocket on this page behind the umbrella girl that holds a tiny mini.

 Here you can see the tiny mini partially slipped out of the pocket.

 This is the back cover, I always include this crazy poodle image and quote when I make a dog mini.  Wonder if Henry thinks poodles are part of some weird cult??


Thank you for taking a look at this looooong post!  I hope that I given you a taste of just how beautiful Raining Cats and Dogs is.  The colors are so vibrant and the images so sweet and inviting!


  1. Maggi this is darling, and what wonderful pics and memories you're filling it with :)

    Paula xoxo

  2. Just love this fabulous Mini. Such adorable photos. Love every single page. Wonderful work with G45 Maggi. Hugs ~~ Abbygirl
    ~~ Mary

  3. Just adorable. Lots of love for pups in there.

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love this collection, too. And we also have a poodle (our third). We, too, love her like a child; she is spoiled rotten!


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