Saturday, May 17, 2014

I made a card!!! Now that is quite unusual for me!

My scrappy friends know that making cards is not my "thing," however, I decided that this year was my year to conquer the card!  So at Swirlydoos we have a card round robin every month.  Well I gathered up my courage and signed up, yikes it was scarry as the "twist" this month was to make a step card!  Ahhh but Cameo to the rescue; there just happened to be a Cameo cut for the perfect step card.

I followed Angelica aka Saga who makes gorgeous cards and she inspired me in a major way!!   Here is Angelica's card, isn't it just incredible?

I used Angelica's basic design but made it my own with a completely different color palette and style.  Once again I used Prima's Stationer's Desk, I just can't get enough of these papers!

The roses are handmade rolled roses and are really easy to do if you have a quilling tool.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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