Thursday, August 9, 2012

Good times at the Flying Unicorn

We are just belly laughing at the Flying Unicorn this month.  The CT decided to turn the forums over to the members this month.  They are running the challenges and keeping us all amused with their antics.  They really pulled one on the Creative Team, they sent each of us a package that we couldn't open until July 31st when they posted a Mission Impossible Nightmare challenge for each of us.  In reality it was an ugly paper and embellies challenge and oh my, it was a nightmare.  We were allowed to use paint, mists, and inks along with black, brown, white or cream cardstock, oh and cardboard.  Otherwise we had to use at least the equivalent of a 4 x 4" portion of each of the 5 VERY UGLY papers they sent us and at least 4 of the embellies that they sent to us.  Well I thought, ok, where's the gesso, I'll just paint over these ugly patterns, oh but wait, no, the pattern had to be recognizable. Hmmmmmmmm

So here's my "prize" package, sweet huh?  LOL, sooooo not sweet!!  But there in the middle is a tag that says Time for a Tea Party, and bam, an idea hit me!

With the help of a lot of persimmon Distress ink and purple smooch mist, the above became this.  I used a sheet of black cardstock for the base paper and painted it with Luminarte and Pearlescent water colors.  The Bon Voyage paper is behind the photo and underneath the border cut paper.  The pp above with the yellow, orange and blue on it is a camping paper and has resist images on it.  Well I thought there was no way to disguise that so that is the border cut square.  The paisley paper was heavily inked with persimmon and is the paper inside the border cut paper.I cut leaves from the leafy paper, that was the easier part and the flowers are made from the scalloped pink and white paper, heavily misted with purple smooch!

YOu can still see the pattern of the pink/white paper in my flowers below. Check, met that requirement!

I had two fibers to use, one was a stretchy beige lace and that is now the purple there threaded thru the eyelet on the title tag.  The other is the gathered ribbon under the tag, that I did not alter, it looked fine just as it came to me.

Note the blue "thingy" below, that is actually a letter E button. What the heck was I to do with a letter E???  So it became a clip of sorts.  I cut off a little piece of the lace and thread that thru the button holes.

One thing that I learned from doing this layout is how fun it is to do something with reckless abandon.  You know, I didn't care if I messed anything up cause it was messed up before I started on it, LOL!!  So I just sprayed and inked and painted and let it evolve on its on,  it really was liberating, I think I should scrap like that more often.  I have a tendency to over think everything and spend sooo much time deciding what to do with different papers etc.  I think I will try  just working it one piece at a time.

Come visit us at the Flying Unicorn and see what the rest of the CT did with their Mission Impossible challenges, its really quite amazing how great everyone's layouts turned out!


  1. Maggi, I love the way this turned out. So inspired!

  2. you totally rocked the ugly paper LOL! and it was ugly....go Maggi go :)


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