Monday, May 16, 2011

Red Poppy Flower Tutorial

Oh this is my first flower tutorial and let me just say that I learned everything I know about making flowers at and in particular, from LisaG, (starsailorscrapper).  Lisa has a really pretty poppy tutorial at Swirlydoos using different punches than these so you might want to check that out here.

OK, I made this flower specifically to go with my Glitz Love Games papers.  I used Bazzill Red Rock cardstock which goes really great with Love Games.  The flower centers are punched from an olive colored cardstock scrap that I had.  You will need:

Cardstock for your flower and for your centers
Alterations Tattered Floral die or something similar
McGill starburst punch
McGill sun punch
Glimmer mist - I used Vanilla Breeze on the red Cardstock and Olive vine on the olive cardstock
Distress ink - pumice stone
water spritzer (not pictured)
Glue - I use Diamond glaze and hot glue

For the large flower cut 2 large flowers, 3 sunbursts and 4 suns.

For the small flower cut 2 small flowers and 4 sunbursts. 

Spritz the flowers and the suns with a little water.  Don't get them soaked, it isn't necessary and makes them harder to work with.

For the large flower:

Take the 3 sunbursts and glue them one on top of the other staggering thestarbursts so they don't exactly line up with each other.  Spray with a little olive vine glimmer mist and set aside to dry.

Scrunch the petals of the two large flowers with your fingers.  I place my fingers on either side of the petal and push towards the center.

Take something thin like the handle of a paint brush and place in the center of the sun and then wrap the sun around the paint brush handle.  Do this to four of the suns.

Now dry the flowers, the suns and the starburst. I use my heat gun to dry them but you can leave them to airdry.  After you have dried the flowers, ink the tips of the petals with distress ink.

TIP:  I keep a box lid with 3" sides handy and I put my damp flowers in the box lid to dry.  That way they don't blow all over the place.


Assembly:  Take one of the suns and carefully spread it out enough so that you can glue another sun inside.  Glue these two suns inside a third sun and then glue the three inside the 4th sun.  I paint a little glimmer mist on the suns at this point and then dry them.  If you have used hot glue to glue the suns together, be careful when heating as the glue will melt.

Glue the two flowers together staggering the petals and spray with glimmer mist for a nice shimmering effect.  (You can also spritz your flowers with glimmer mist when you are scrunching the petals instead of water but since I am using red cardstock I don't really need to soak the cardstock with color so I just give a spray at this point.)  Use a paintbrush handle to curl the petals inward.  Now you are ready to assemble the flower.  Be sure everything is dry before assembling!  Glue the starbursts to the flower and then glue the 4 assembled suns to the starbursts.

Now take your tweezers and spread the suns out a little.  Pick up the individual "stamens" from the starburst and lift so that the overall effect is "fluffed"  And that's all there is to it!

The procedue for the small flower is exactly the same except that I omit the starbursts underneath the 4 suns.  You can also cut between the petals so that you have more "petal" to scrunch.

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  1. You should consider sharing this with the inkers at Voila, Ink! Put it in the Inking DIscussion...turned out very nice!

  2. BEAUTIFUL flowers - they look so realistic. TFS.

  3. I so am going to have to give these a try. Thanks for sharing......

  4. What a wonderful blog you have here! Thanks for the tutorial! AuntJo

  5. Thank you for the tutorial. I have the diecut so will give them a try. I love poppies.

  6. Maggi, this is fantastic!! I missed this somehow!! I love the poppy!! So beautiful! And what a wonderful first tutorial!! Bravo!!


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