Thursday, May 19, 2011

How DID I get that journaling on that little journaling ticket?

It's really easy, measure your journaling spot and set your magins appropriately in your word processor and type out your journal.  Then print out your journaling on an overhead transparency, cut it out and adhere to your journal ticket.  It looks great on a layout and the transparency is hardly noticable.  Sometime I cut the transparency exactly the same size as the journal ticket so that the transparency is invisible.  I use a glue that dries completely clear and just dot it on in the corners  to attach my transparency to the journal ticket and it is almost not visible depending on how the light is shining on it.  I see that in my photo the camera definitely picked up the vellum tape.

When printing on transparencies, I use the print "mirror image" function of my printer so that I can still put the shiny side of the transparency up.  If you don't do this, you will have the rougher side of the transparency facing up and that 's not a big deal but the perfectionist in me likes that side to be down.


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