Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The continuing saga of Escape Kitty and Chena

Got another photo from Chena the other day.  Seems the girls are having a lot fun in Alaska playing with bear cubs.  Jrabs at posted a great LO of EK and Chena frolicing in the water with a bear cub.  Seems they had caught a BIG salmon.  I'm betting that the cub caught the bear.  Chena does not know how to fish and that fish was way bigger than EK!!

So now EK and Chena are playing with a pair of inland cubs at Denali National Park. Look at our FEARLESS kitty standing inbetween those cubs.
I am thinking that poodle coat is getting pretty long by now and a BIG matted mess. Oh dear, I'll have to shave her down when she gets home, IF she ever gets home. Chena, your Dad and I would really like our motorhome back, July 15th at the latest so you and EK need to turn that rig around and head for home. Ha-ha, I think they are having way too much fun!!

Here's a closeup of the birdcage:

Thanks to jrabs for letting me share in her Escape Kitty story and for the pictures of Escape Kitty. Do check out jrabs gallery for more stories of this crazy cat and dog!

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