Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Eileen Hull Designs Roundup of My Favorite 2020 Projects

This month Eileen's Design Team is doing a roundup of their favorite projects for 2020.  While it is great fun to go back and look at these projects, picking out a few favorites is hard!

I'll start with this Gift Box that is perfectly sized to hold a teacup.  Picking out my most favorite project wasn't too hard, this Teacup Gift Box is the clear winner.  After that I love them all the same!  Kinda like kids, you love them all but sometimes for different reasons! Click on the link below for all the details!

Teacup Gift Box

I love this Trinket Box because it is so feminine and you know I'm a sucker for flowers, lots of flowers!  Click on the link to discover a little trick that makes this go together really well.

Trinket Box

I love making Halloween anything and this Pocket Journal was loads of fun.  In the tutorial I show you how to make pages and pockets.

Halloween Journal and Page Ideas

I really, really, love Eileen's Pocket Notebook die because it's such a great size.  Here's a nature themed journal and that photo of the bear on the front?  I took that picture in Katmai National Park.  Click on the link below for all the details and some more bear pictures.

Nature Themed Pocket Notebook

Although 2020 has been the year that should not have been, at least Eileen has brought us much joy with her new dies!  Stay tuned for 2021, it's gotta be better.  And best of all, new dies are coming!!

xoxo Maggi


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