Tuesday, January 21, 2020

New Gift Box from Eileen Hull Designs by Sizzix

Have you seen Eileen Hull's new Gift Box XL Die?  I love it!  The box is 3 3/4" square and will hold a teacup!  I used Stamperia's Alice in Wonderland collection to decorate the box and that got me thinking abou tea.

You can see my teacup very comfortably nested inside!  

To make the box you need to cut 2 pieces with the die.  When assembling, the pieces go different directions so I found it easier to stick with paper that didn't have an up and down direction, that way the patterns are not fighting.  One piece forms three sides of the box and the other piece will form the bottom, 4th side and top.

I love the scalloped edge, it adds a nice dainty touch but the great thing is the scallops are separate pieces so you can choose to leave them off if you wish.  I used a magnet closure to hold the top down.  If you leave off the scallops, there's a  little piece that tucks in, securing the top.

I fussy cut some elements and topped it off with layered flowers and ribbon.


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  1. What a wonderful decorated box! I love the mix of black/white polka dot with the florals. Beautiful! Such a sweet idea to make for a friend and put a vintage cup inside! I have a friend from Viet Nam and she makes the most perfect cup of tea! I'll need to borrow this idea and do this for her. :) Thanks for sharing. A wonderful project!

  2. What beautiful papers used here for your lovely vintage tea box Maggi! your tea set coordinates with it beautifully - and how nice that a tea cup fits right inside the box! A wonderful gift for a tea loving friend!

  3. You had me at ALICE! This is just gorgeous Maggi! Well done!

  4. Love me some Alice! Your choice of color and patterns are great; the placement of items in the front are perfect. It's beautious whimsy... MEOW!


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