Friday, May 22, 2020

Gift Box for Little Birdie Crafts

Today I'm sharing a Little Birdie Crafts flower bedecked box that anyone would love to receive, especially if you filled it with sweet treats or a special gift.

The box I am using is a plain paper mache box that I purchased. 

 The first thing I did was paint the box inside and out with white gesso.  Then I tore pieces of decoupage paper and applied to the box with decoupage glue but only below where the lid fits.  Be sure to apply glue to both the paper and the box for a good seal.   (If the lid does stick after painting you ca rub on a little wax and that will help keep it from sticking.)

I glue ribbon around the band of the lid and then added a beaded ribbon to add a festive touch!

Foi me, the best part of any project is adding beautiful blooms and I used lots and lots of gorgeous Little Birdie blooms on the lid.  I start off by adhering flowers at the edge and I glue them on their side so that I have some height.

Then I just keep layering up the flowers until I have a look that is pleasing.  I wanted a nice mix of flowers so I used a few flowers from several different packages to acheive the variety that I wanted.

Be sure to tuck in some leaves while you are building the flower layers.

And, don't forget a pretty bow to finish it off!

Little Birdie Crafts Products Used

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