Monday, February 16, 2015

Fabulicious Fabscraps Beach Affair!

Have you seen Fabscraps newe collection Beach Affair?  Its great with its lighthouse and other beachy themes, perfect for those summer day photos.  Ohhh I know its cold in a lot of places, but trust me, summer IS coming and here's something to put you in the mood!

I used Ranger Antiquities Cement Gray to color my chipboard and I did the starfish and shell with Stampendous aged ivory.

For This Project You Will Need:
·    FabScraps C72 Beach Affair collection: 1 sheet C72 006 Lighthouse 2
·    1 sheet C72 005 Lighthouse
·    1 sheet C72 004 Under the Sea
·    1 sheet of gray/blue cardstock
·    Fabscraps Chipboard DC 72 004 Down by the Seaside
·    Fabscraps stickers ST72 001
·    Mask and masking paste
·    White gesso or paint
·    Embossing powder
·    Cheesecloth scraps
·    Flowers and embellishments
·    Blue mist

  1. Paint the base paper, 002 Lighthouse 2 with watered down white gesso so tha the paper pattern will show somewhat through the gesso. Dry the paper.
  2. Tear a right angle triangle from 005 Lighthouse to fit in the bottom right corner about 8" on the right side and about 7.5" at the bottom.  Distress the edges by lightly dabbing a bit of water along the edges and the then wrinkling the edges by pushing them it just a bit so that the edges are raised.  Dry the edges and then adhere to the base on the bottom left corner.
  3. Tear four strips of paper from 004 Under the Sea 2, about 1.5" wide and just long enough to tuck under the triangle from step 1.  Distress and wrinkle the edges.  Glue the first strip about 4" from the bottom of the paper and only glue the bottom half of the strip leaving the top unglued so that you can later tuck in some cheesecloth to imitate the froth from waves.  Now glue the 2nd strip overlapping the bottom of the 1st strip and so on with all four strips.  The 4th strip should be glued at the bottom of the page.
  4. Take a mask (I used Prima scales mask) and white masking paste and mask over the paper strips and up into the upper portion of your layout but not masking on the triangle adherred to the right side of your paper.
  5. Before the masking paste dries, take tweezers and  pull out the edges of the torn strips from the molding paste and curl the edges out a bit. 
  6. After the molding paste dries, spray blue mist (I used Moonlight Glimmer Mist) over the torn strips and up to the center of the page.  Add some blue splatters.   Then take little wisps of cheesecloth and tuck under the edges creating a foamy sea look.
  7.   Tear an edge, about .25", all around the page and then glue the base to the cardstock sheet;  this will help make your layout flat.  Add your photo to the right bottom of the page.
  8. Tear a small right angle triange from 004, Under the Sea 2, about 5.5" on the left side and 4" at the top and glue on the upper left corner.
  9. Treat the Fabscraps Chipboard DC 72 004 Down by the Seaside with embossing powder or paint, however you wish and adhere over the triangle from Step 9.
  10. Remove the banners stickers from Fabscraps stickers ST72 001, apply to white cardstock and fussy cut.  Pop up with foam tape, pop dots etc. and place on the upper right side of you layout.
  11. Now you are ready to embellish your page with flowers!  I used Petallo Wild Blossoms in soft gray and Mixed Blossoms in Robins Egg Blue.  Dabble a little white paint over your flowers. 

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