Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fabscraps Floral Delight, a new collection

Floral Delight is one of Fabscraps winter CHA releases and it's really pretty.  It should be available in the US soon, if not already.  Here's a link to the entire collection.  

Here's a quick and easy hostess gift that I've made using a Fabscraps wine box that's all ready to be altered.  I simple wrapped the box with paper, and added some handmade and purchased flowers and bit of lace.  Easy peasy, took me an hour to do and that's because I made flowers.  If I had used only purchased flowers, 30 minutes tops!

Hand made flowers flanked by Prima lace flowers.

For This Project You Will Need:
    FabScraps C74 Floral Delight - 2 sheets of 003 Delft Flowers
    Fabscraps C74 Floral Delight - 1 sheet of 002 Delft Blue
    Fabscraps Wine Box EC2 04
    Border punch
    13" of white lace or trim
    Embellishments of your choice, i.e. flowers, vines, leaves, etc.

1.      The circumference of the wine box is 13" so you will need to take a full sheet of 003 Delft Flowers and add a 1.5" strip to it so that it will completely wrap around the box.
2.      Carefully untie one of the knots of the cord handle and remove the cord from the box.
3.      Mark the location of the holes on your paper and punch.  Then adhere the paper to the wine box lining up the holes.
4.      Cut a 2" strip from 003 Delft Flowers and add a 1.5" piece to the end so that if will fit completely around the box.
5.      Punch two 12" borders from 002 Delft Blue amd cut two 1.5" pieces and add to the 12" border cuts so that you have two 13.5" border strips.  Glue the two border cuts to the top and bottom of the strip cut  in step 4  .  Glue to the box so that the floral side is showing,  about 4" from the bottom.
6.      Glue a 13" piece of lace or trim to the center of the strip in step 5.
7.      Cut a 5" circle from 003 Delft Flowers and glue to the lid leaving a border all around.  Take scissors and make cuts all around the part of the circle not glued to the lid,  about every half inch, so that you can fold down the circle all around the lid. 
8.      Make a strip 1 5/8 x 13.5" from 003 Delft Flowers to glue around the edge of the lid.
9.      Carefully put the cord handle back on the box and tie a secure knot.
10.   Make flowers with the remainder of 002 Delft Blue or use purchased flowers and embellishments of your choice, and glue to the box.
11.   Now you have a pretty gift box to hold a nice bottle of wine for as a hostess gift!

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