Saturday, November 1, 2014

New from Fabscraps - Royal Baby, and a tutorial!

Fabscraps has a great new collection out, Royal Baby, and it features those lovely baby pinks and blues!  There are lots of great chipboard pieces to accompany the collection too and I've showcased some of them on this project.

This is a large chipboard Teddy Bear that covered with papers from Royal Baby.  I made the plaque at the bottom reversible so that it is boy on one side and girl on the other.

 A Tiny Bundle chipboard painted for a boy baby.

Little One chipboard for a little girl.

For this project you will need Fabscraps:

C70 Royal Baby Collection papers:  1 sheet each of 001 Baby Girl, 003 Baby Books, 005 Baby Boy
DC70 001 Teddy Bear Plaque chipboard
DC70 004 Tiny Bundle chipboard
DC70 007 Little One chipboard
Cutting mat and craft knife
Paint and/or embossing enamel
Embellishments of your choice, i.e. flowers, leaves etc.

  1. Take DC70 001 Teddy Bear Plaque and photocopy so that you have a pattern to work with.  Be sure you copy the side that has the lines etched in; this is the face of the chipboard.
  2. Place Teddy face down on the back of 003 Baby Books, trace around it, and cut it out.  Ink the edges as desired.
  3. Now take your pattern from step 1 and using a craft knife, cut slits in the pattern along the etched lines marking his feet, ears, body etc.  (Note I did not cut the lines for the bow tie as we are going to cut out a bow tie.)  Cut out the nose and eyes so that you can mark the placement on the body.
  4. Place the pattern on the cut out Teddy body and carefully put a sharp pencil through the cut slit lines and sketch lightly onto Teddy's body.   Now you have markings on the body so that you can properly place his facial features and give the body dimension.  Use a marker or paint to go over the lines.
  5. Adhere the paper body to the 001 Teddy Bear body. 
  6. Now take your pattern and cut out the bow tie.  Place the cut out bow tie face down onto  005 Baby Boy, trace and then clip out the bow tie.   Ink as desired and then adhere to  your Teddy.
  7. Use embossing  enamel or paint to cover the chipboard bow tie and then adhere over the bow tie from step 6.  Be sure to add the separate chipboard bow tie center piece.  I covered that with 005 Baby Boy so that it matched the paper underneath the chipboard bow tie.
  8. Paint or emboss, as you wish, the other chipboard pieces for his eyes, nose, and foot bottoms.  Glue the eyes, nose, and foot bottoms onto Teddy where you made markings in step 3.
  9. Teddy's all finished so its time to make the hanging plaque!  I decided to make my plaque two sided; one side for a girl and the other side for a boy.
  10. Trace  and cutout the hanging plaque from 001 Baby Girl and 005 Baby Boy.  Do not punch out the holes on the paper. Glue Baby Girl to one side and Baby Boy to the other.
  11. Take the heart that the bow tie, eyes, etc were attached too and either paint or heat emboss with embossing enamel. 
  12. Take DC70 004 Tiny Bundle chipboard and DC70 007 Little One chipboard and treat as you wish.  I heat embossed DC70 007 Little One with Stampendous shabby white embossing enamel.  Take the heart from step 11 and glue to the 001 Baby Girl side.  Glue it straight up as the heart is going to hang from the Teddy.  Then glue the chipboard words Little One inside the heart.
  13. For DC70 004 Little Bundle, I painted the sweet little baby with a blue blow and then painted the words with white paint and then added some glue and sprinkled on diamond dust to give it some sparkle.     Glue to the 005 Baby Boy side of the plaque so that it looks pleasing. 
  14. Embellish the plaque and Teddy as you wish with flowers etc. 
  15. Use the rings to attach the plaque to the bottom of teddy threading through the top of the heart as shown. 

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