Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Its time to make pinecones for your Christmas projects!

Hi everyone, Maggi here with a tute on how to make pinecones using the Tim Holtz Alterations die.


Tim Holtz Alterations Tattered Pinecones Die
Brown cardstock
Toothpick, you can also use a quilling tool but because you want to elongate the roll, a toothpick works better.
Snowcap dabber or white paint & a paint brush

Diecut one of the spirals shapes for the pinecone.

Fold the edges of the outer petals and crease the center of each petal with your thumbnail so that it looks something like this when you are done folding and creasing.

Now take a toothpick and glue to the outermost edge of the spiral:

Roll the spiral around the toothpick, do not glue. You do not need to roll it tightly. Ok I am left handed so this probably looks bass-ackwards to you! If you are right handed you probably do it the opposite direction from me. Just be sure you start with the outer edge of the spiral.

After you have rolled the entire spiral around the toothpick, you can push it up or pull it down to get the shape you want. You can also tighten or loosen the spiral so that the petals are offset from each other. When you are satatisfied glue the last segment to the toothpick and the spiral.

Bend the petals back out and then take the snowcap dabber and touch the ends of the petals or use a paintbrush to dab a bit of white paint on the petals.

Ready to paint:

Then snip off the end of the toothpick and voila! Finished pinecones:

Don’t be discouraged if your first one doesn’t turn out well. Try again, I had to make 2 or 3 before I was satisfied with them. I also think adding the “snow” makes a world of difference in how they look.


  1. Love it Maggi! I just got this die at the Expo 3 weeks ago :)


  2. love this to pieces. You make it look so easy


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