Friday, June 15, 2012

Steampunk Trunk Tutorial

 This is a fun, easy project that makes a great gift box or just something fun to have in your scrappy room.  I think it would be fun to make for a little girl and put doll clothes inside.  It would be a great gift with a gift card tucked inside too.

Look here for the Steampunk Trunk template, click on the file labeled steampunk trunk or print the below pages (you may have to resize the images to get the specified width and length). You can print directly on the BACKSIDE of the paper you are using to make the trunk or print, cut out and use as a pattern.

Let’s get started!   You will need 
Brads or snaps
Quick dry glue
Straight edge
Bone folder or something similar
Embellishments of your choice

1.  Begin by cutting your pieces.  You can use all the same paper or mix it up, your choice.  I like
the look of the top flap being different from the body of the trunk.  I also used felt for the corner trim.

Trunk pieces cut out
2.  Score all the trunk parts where indicated on the pattern. Use a bone folder or something similar to make good sharp creases.  If you are going to use brads on your corner trim, you need to place those on the trim pieces before adhering to the trunk body as it is a lot easier that way!
Here you can see that I have scored all the pieces, cut my corner trim from felt and added snaps to the trim.   I used 6 per felt piece on this trunk,  on the earlier one that I made I used 12 brads per corner trim and  I think I like that look better than this.
Some ideas for corner trim – you could use a border punch of some sort.  Heat embossed the trim with metallic embossing powder would look great, you could use metallic ink on paper for a nice look,  paint the trim pieces with Perfect Pearls - Heirloom Gold would look great!
Trunk pieces scored and folded brads
3.  Take the lid and measure the center point of the trunk top.  That is 2.5” from the sides and 1.5” from the folds.  Then center your handle on this  and mark where the handle will slip thru the top.  Use a craft knife to make slits just large enough for the handle to slip thru.  Note that it is easier to do this BEFORE you glue the top to the body of the trunk.  I oops and did it afterwards!
 Glue the two handles together except for the bottom half inch.  That part will slip thru the top
and be secured on the underside.  Secure underneath as show below.
Handle in place

4.  Set the top aside for now and glue the bottom tab of each side panel to the the bottom of the trunk.  I used Glossy Accents for my glue as it is quick drying but does allow a minute or two to get things lined up just right.
Sides glued to bottom

5.  Then glue the side tabs inside the body.
Sides glued
6.  Now glue the top to the back of the trunk.  You can either glue the tab inside or outside the trunk.  You could border cut the tab to add some interest to your trunk.
Top glued
7.   Now add the corner trims.  I used hot glue to adhere these but its kinda tricky getting the pieces perfectly in place before the hot glue drys.  I found it easier to put the hot glue on the trunk rather than the trim piece and I glue half the tab at the time.
Brads on sides

8.  That’s all there is to it, now you’re ready to embellish it to your liking.
Trunk 2

Both trunks
I made this spring trunk purse  using the same template but used a half
circle for the flap and then used a Martha Stewart corner punch to punch the
Hat and purse1

I hope you'll give this a try and if you do, please post a link, I'd love to see your project.


  1. these are so much fun I want to make one :)

  2. Thanks for giving us a link to the pattern. I think this will be really fun to make as a gift for my nephew.

  3. Thank you so much for the pattern. I saw the trunk at Graphic 45's blog today and had to come over. Beautiful work!


  4. Love these little trunks Maggie!!! Thanks for the template!


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