Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Monday!

And it sure started off like Mondays often do. When dh was leaving for work this morning somewhere around 4:15 am, he set the alarm off. So then we get a call from the alarm company, hurray it's Monday! I sort of went back to sleep and was semi-conscious when dh called to tell me that he had forgotten his dinners that I had so lovingly prepared for him! Now, I know that it is Monday!

It was cold here in NC last night, brrr-rr, had to turn on the heat and bring in a couple favorite plants that I'm not ready to give to winter. We didn't have any frost but there was a chance.  At least the sun is shining today.  Haven't seen that for almost a week.

So after taking care of a few important things like work, I decided to scrap away my day and created this LO for a Monday challenge at Sisterhood of Scrap.  I love working with black and white on my LOs so this was fun and easy.  Seems like 1978 was just the day before yesterday, where does time go?  I have noticed that the older I get, the shorter the years get.  Why is that???  I want my time back!

Anyway, the journal says:

Yikes, 1978 was a long time ago! This picture was taken in Key West, Florida on a beautiful winter day. I was single at the time and having a blast. I had recently quit my job at Rose’s in NC as a merchandise manager and had come to Florida to visit with my college roommate, Debbie, and to heal from what were the worst 2½ years of my life.
Retail was not for me and I wasn’t all that interested in having that kind of a grown up job!

So, after 6 weeks of soaking up the sun and generally doing nothing, I went to work at Boyd’s Bait & Tackle in Fort Lauderdale. Boyd’s was the premier shop of its type in the area and was very prominent in the big money fishing. I loved being a part of all the fishing tournaments and boat shows.

I went from store clerk to store bookkeeper when the bookkeeper didn’t show up one payday morning. Using skills I had acquired in a college (Western Carolina) quarter’s worth of accounting courses, I got the payroll done that day and became the store bookkeeper. Eventually that led to my becoming a CPA. Now that’s another story!


  1. Love the layers, beautiful job!

  2. I submitted this LO to Basic Grey and they pubbed it on their website. :-)!!


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