Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prince Edward Island

Happy Tuesday!  I've already been to the dentist this morning, how fun is that??

So in the travel department, I wanted to share these LO's with you.  The pictures weres taken on Prince Edward Island in Canada this summer.  It rained most of the time we were there; be sure to read the journal for the "rest of the story!"

I really like the picture of Dick, it's a really simple LO but I think the LO evokes the spirit of the photo.

Prince Edward Island was not our favorite place. We would have enjoyed it more if the weather had not been so bad – and then there was that speeding ticket…

Since it was raining most of the time we were there, we did a lot of driving around. We drove to Cedar Dunes Provincial Park, which was a beautiful area with a small lighthouse and red sand beach. We also visited Charlottetown and a Gouda cheese factory.
We were being very careful watching the speed limits and obeying the traffic signals. We were driving along a stretch of highway when we came upon a construction zone so Dick immediately slowed down. About that same time, a cop appears in the road and motions us over. We had no idea why and were astounded to know that we had been clocked going 91 in a 60 km construction zone. We both think we were clocked before hitting the construction zone, but what can you do? It would be kind of hard to show up in traffic court to protest the ticket in August on PEI! I think it cost us around $125. After getting the ticket, we went directly to the Canadian post office, bought a money order, and mailed it. I can’t help but think we were an easy target with a US license plate.


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  1. Sorry about the ticket, but your project is lovely!!!


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