Thursday, October 29, 2009


What a busy week it has been!  Dh had gall bladder surgery last Friday.  It was day surgery and all went well other than his blood pressure dropping too low as a result of meds he was given b/c his blood pressure was a bit high.  So we were at the hospital in recovery for a lot longer than expected.

My house is falling down around me so I guess I will have to stop scrapping and do some house work!  My parents are coming for dinner tonight so that is my incentive.

Fun news to share, I am working with my dear friend Ali on her blog, and I will be the November guest designer.  Be sure and check it out to see some great scrapbooking!

I worked on this yesterday, this is one of our very pretty grand-daughters!

Here's Chili,  one of the "Bark" of this blog.  I had great hopes for this LO but it just didn't pan out.  Chili is such a prissy poodle and I want to capture that in a photo but haven't been successful.  BIL Jim took this photo and I think its a good one though. 


Miss Marilyn Aka Chili

Sometimes I think that Chili has a split personality because she is usually a very stoic creature who doesn’t show much excitement (except when food is involved) or emotion. She really has the characteristics one observes more in a feline than a canine.

But, every now and then, her alter ego, Marilyn, comes out and delights us with her antics. She becomes a very exuberant smiling dog and starts tossing her head around like a starlet and craning her neck this way and that as if to be sure that we see her best profile. She prances about, twisting her cute little poodle butt and wagging her tail to a beat that only she hears. This is, for sure, a canine Marilyn Monroe, charming all that see her with her prissiness!

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  1. Gorgeous layouts!!! So happy you are doing a guest spot on CYS DT, I look forward to working with you and seeing your beautiful work again!


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