Monday, February 8, 2021

Eileen Hull's New Folio Journal Die - Basic Assembly Tutorial

Last week I shared the folio journal that I made with the new Folio Journal from Eileen Hull Designs by Sizzix.  Today I will show you how I put it together.

Assembly Instructions

Begin by selecting papers for the outside and inside of your folio.  I like to use cardstock that coordinates with the design papers I am using because I usually cover everything with several layers of patterned paper; so why waste my design paper on the basic cover, right?

Step 1
The XL Scoreboard dies are designed to work with thicker materials such as Sizzix mat board or medium weight chipboard.  Apply adhesive to the cardstock; adhesive sheets work really well for this application.  Then adhere the cardstock to the mat board covering both sides before die-cutting.  Next place the mat board with the cover face down on the Folio Journal die and run it through your die-cut machine.

Bonus:  If you use cardstock or paper that has no up/down pattern, you won't have to worry about a cover being upside down!  You will need to cut 2 pieces with the folio die.  The carefully fold along the score lines as shown.

Outside of both covers

Step 2
Along with the covers there is a small insert piece.  Aplly adhesive to both flaps on the insert piece. I like to use Eileen's red line tape as it is strong and holds well.

Inside cover and insert with red line tape applied to the flaps. 
This is the back cover.

Adhere the insert piece to the center of the bottom of the back cover.  Now fold the folio flap over, being sure to square it up, forming a pocket as shown below in Step 4 .

Step 3
Note:  I chose to add design paper to both covers before assembling as I thought it would be easier to do while the cover was flat.  

Before adding design paper to the front cover, you need to make the closure strip mechanism. Cut a piece of thin chipboard, heavy cardstock, or whatever you have about 3/4" to 1" wide and long enough to wrap from the front cover around the two folio pockets and to the back of the folio.  My journal is 1.5" thick so I cut a piece 1" x 5".  Cover both sides of the closure strip with design paper.  

Then, adhere 1.5" to 2" of the closure strip to the front cover with red line tape such that the strip will fold around the folio pocket (not the spine).  Now add design paper to the front of your folio to hide where you have attached the closure strip.  Add a 2 piece magnet or velcro closure where shown in the below photo.   

This is the inside front cover where you can see the closure strip hanging off the front cover.  See step 6 for completing the closure.

Step 4
You can make the spine from 1.5" to 3" depending on how much your overlap the two spine pieces.  If you make a wide journal, i.e. 3" wide, I suggest reinforcing the spine on the inside with another piece of matboard.  Use a Crop-a-dile to punch holes to match the spine.

Apply red liner tape to one of the spines as shown below and press the two spines together as shown in Step 5.  I think it looks better to apply the front cover spine over the back spine.

Step 5
Now the folio is put together. On the right side you should have a pocket and on the left side, a fold over flap.  If you wan, you can add another insert piece to the top of the folio, forming a closed pocket.  I chose to leave mine open at the top.

Step 6
To complete the closure, fold the two sides together forming the folio as shown below.  Put the magnets or velcro together on the closure strip, remove the adhesive from the 2nd part of the set and fold the closure strip around the folio and press the end onto the back cover so that the 2nd magnet or velcro piece adheres to the back cover.  That will hold your folio closed.

There you go, your basic folio.  You can add signatures by binding them to the spine with elastic bands.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

The pocket is just the right size to slip in a small journal.

Go to this post to learn how to make the flowers.

 Maggi  xoxo


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