Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pop Up Card and tutorial for Cheery Lynn Designs

Cheery Lynn Designs recently released a vintage collection of dies that is just full of great dies.  I cut this adorable baby pram with one of the dies in that release.  Isn't it just adorable?

I started with a 5 1/2" square card and added layers of design paper enhance the pram.  The first layer from the bottom is cut with the largest die in the Horizon French Flair Boutique Stacker Frames  and the next layer is cut with the Square Frames 3 Piece Die Set.  

Let's take a closer look at the Baby Pram.  I die cut two prams, one from pink design paper and the other from cream cardstock.  Then I cut the hood from the cream pram and glued it to the pink pram.  Then I used some bling for the wheel hubs and hood attachment.

I love these Horizon Fishtail Banners.   They come in a set of three and I diecut two different sizes  and then cut them to the length I needed for this card.  Then add a sentiment stamp and you've got an adorable card front!  The stamp I used is from Graphic 45's Little Darlings collection.

Now for the pop up part!  I used  Graphic 45's new Penny's Paper Doll Family collection  to make this card and for the inside I fussy cut a baby pram from design paper.  I am a novice at pop-up cards and I will admit that they do intimidate me, so this one is nice and simple, but I think it's really cute!
In this shot, you can see the pop up mechanism.  I simply cut into the card 1 1/4" in two spots (where the wheels of the pram are) and then glued the pram to the face of the pop up mechanism.  Easy peasy right?  Ok, I did make a model from copy paper first.  😃

Cheery Lynn Dies Used:

B898 Baby Pram - 1 Piece Die Set

In making this card, I learned that pop up cards are not as difficult as they look.  I put together this tutorial to encourage you to give it a try!

Step 1:
Cut a piece of cardstock 11" x 5.5" , score at 5.5" making a 5.5" square card.
Step 2:

Cut a piece of design paper 10 3/4" x 5 1/4".  Score at 5 3/8" and fold on the score line to make the inner card.  (Ignore the cut in the card for now).

Step 3:
Use the largest die from the Horizon French Flair Boutique Stacker Frames 3 Piece Die Set to diecut the green layer (Forever Friends). If you don't have that die, you can achieve a similar look by cutting a 5 1/4" square. 

Diecut a large square from the blue print paper (Garden Path) with the Square Frames 3 Piece Die Set , Again if you don't have this die, cut a 4 1/4" square layer from the blue paper

Diecut a pink (B side Garden Path) Baby Pram and a cream cardstock Baby Pram. Then cut the hood from the cream pram and adhere to the pink pram as shown. If you do not have the Baby Pram die, you could fussy cut the pram from the Mothers and Daughters design paper.
Step 4:
Fussy cut the pram and the Special Delivery stamp from Mothers and Daughters design paper.
Step 5:
Take the inner card from step 2 and on the outside (such that the card opens vertically) shown in the below photo, measure in and mark from the left side 1" and 2 7/8". Cut straight down 1 1/4".  Make another 1 1/4"cut at 1 1/2"  making a 1/2" tab.  Cut down from the 2 7/8" mark 1 1/4"  Then make another 1 1/4 cut" down at 3 3/8" making a second tab.  
Step 6:
Score the tabs only and fold the tabs in as shown below creating steps.  Attach scor-tape, or use the adhesive of your choice, to the vertical facing only.

Step 7:
Adhere the baby carriage to the vertical facing, lining the wheels up with the steps so that they are hidden from view.  Be sure that the wheels are just above the crease line so that when the card is folded, the carriage lays flat.
Step 8:
Trim the stamps and narrow blue border from the Beyond Borders paper to 5 1/4".
Step 9:
Adhere the stamps about 3/4" from the bottom and the narrow blue strip about 1/2" from the top as shown. 
Step 10:
Stamp or add a sentiment above the stamp border as shown. 
Step 11:
Now we'll work on the outside of the card.  Adhere the diecut green design paper to the front of the card.  Be sure you have the card situated so it opens vertically.

Step 12:
Center and adhere the blue square over the green paper.
Step 13:
Diecut a fishtail banner with the middle sized die from the Horizon Fishtail Banners 3 Piece Die Set from scraps.  I used a scrap from Fathers and Sons.  Trim the banner to about 2 3/4" and adhere about 1/2" from the right side. 
Step 14:

  Diecut another fishtail banner from the B side of Garden Path using the largest die in the set and trim to about 2".  Stamp a sentiment and adhere over the blue banner, about 1" from the right side as shown.
Step 15:
Tie a cute little bow and attach over the banners.

Step 16:
Now glue the inner card inside the cream outer card taking care not to glue the cut out steps that serve as the pop up mechanism. That's it, you've made an adorable pop up card!

 Thanks for joining me today, hope you like the tutorial.    Do you make pop up cards?  If you do, I'd love to see, leave me a link to your card in the comments section.

Graphic 45 papers used for this card -
Penny's Paper Doll Family collection 12 x 12:
  Garden Path
  Forever Friends
  Mothers and Daughters
  Beyond Borders
  Fathers and Sons


  1. Hi Maggie! Thank you so much for posting this. I was too terrified (and confused) to try pop-ups before today, but thanks to your very clear tutorial I will be tackling one soon! I was wondering if you have made anything specifically for our dog friends? I mean, like and album etc. We recently lost our two old dogs a year apart, and would like to do a special album for each of them. Any suggestions?

  2. Thank you so much for you kind comments! If you go to the top right of my blog you will see "Search this blog", enter dog in the search box and a couple of dog minis and other dog things will pop up.


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