Tuesday, August 30, 2016

DIY Storage cabinet

I've given new life to an old curio cabinet that has been laying around the house forever by using the new Graphic 45 DIY craft papers.  Love that these papers are  large (19.5" x 27") and therefore, suitable for your larger projects!  The paper is double sided and is flexible making it great for wrapping around corners and such!

I'm going to use this cabinet to store little bottles and pots and so, I've purposely kept it quite simple.  I don't want a lot of embellishments taking up valuable storage space!

Tip:  Be sure you have a sharp blade in your craft knife when you're making little cuts as I did in this video AND be careful!

When using matte medium, Mod Podge, or similar products, be sure to coat both the surface you're covering and you paper with medium so that you get a really good seal and no air bubbles.  Use a brayer, rolling from the center outward, to smooth out your paper and eliminate air pockets.

Here's a look at the original cabinet before it's facelift.

I used a Prima mold to make the centerpiece and two G45 keys on either side for my simple top embellishment.

Graphic 45
DIY Craft Paper Curiosity Collage & Butterflies
Graphic 45 Communique DCE Shutter Speed
Graphic 45 Staples Washi Tape Set
Graphic 45 Staples Metal Clock Keys
Graphic 45 Staples Metal Key Holes

Gold Paint
Prima IOD Vintage Art Decor Mould-Baroque 3

Distress Black Soot Ink

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