Thursday, April 4, 2013

We welcome Kitty and Jen to the Flying Unicorn CT!!

Escape Kitty goes Free!!

What the heck?   Looks like the great escape artist, Ms. Escape Kitty has pulled a fast one on Deputy Chena Dawg who was holding Kitty for ransom!

But, before Kitty pulled a fast one on Deputy Chena, the ransom was paid!   And what was the ransom, you ask?    Well it seems that Chena wanted her pal, Escape Kitty to come play with her here in the land of Unicorns so Chena hatched up this ransom plan.  So, Kitty and Jen had to join the Creative Team here at the Flying Unicorn, in order to set sweet Escape Kitty free!!  Good thinking Chena, we are all so excited to have Kitty and Jen with us.  How you're going to get out of the cell is beyond me Chena!

Please join me in welcoming Kitty and Jen to the Flying Unicorn, we are thrilled to have them as part of our Unicorn family and we are really looking forward to seeing their work!

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