Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chena & Escape Kitty - BEGGING ON THE STREET

BEGGING ON THE STREET - October 1, 2011

So Kitty's been in timeout because she took Jen's credit card without her knowing, to help finance this dynamic duo's trip to Morocco.  Well I just have to laugh, just a little, 'cause Jen didn't care how much they were spending as long as it was on MY credit card that I so stupidly gave Chena when they started their journey to Alaska.  Well, Jen came to visit me last weekend and we straightened out those credit card bills!!  And to further foil this silly pair of hooligans, we shredded the cards and got new ones for ourselves that THEY don't know about!  Ha-ha Chena and Kitty.

So those two don't waste a minute, where in the heck are they now?  And my gosh they're so famous now that someone emailed me this photo of the two sitting on the street begging of all things.  Chena, you're a poodle, you know - a high class dog.  Poodles don't beg, I am so ashamed of you.  But hey, who could resist those big sad puppy eyes, looks like she's going to cry any minute now doesn't it.  Meanwhile, Kitty is looking quite aloof as usual!  Maybe begging is a good thing, maybe she'll get rich and share with me.  Remember the Wall Street broker that was really begging on the street and fooling everyone?  That could be Chena.

So check out that lovely silk scarf that Chena is wearing - yeah, she bought that in Morocco, and it cost more than 5¢ too!!  She is really getting carried away, next she'll be wanting her bed lined with mink.  And no Alpo for this dog, oh no, my credit card bill has charges from Mortons and Ruth Chris.  Steak for Chena and fish for Kitty no doubt and a side of that great creamed spinach I am sure!  Chena loves her veggies, oh but that's another story!

Now get Kitty's side of the story,  at Escape Kitty's blog.

Thanks to Kitty's Mama, Jen (Jrabs), for sharing Kitty's adventures with me.  We've had a hoot with these two hooligans!

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