Thursday, December 10, 2009


Well I've been scrapping alot, but not much barking!  LOL, my dogs are so funny.  They quickly learned that my Dad would give them dog cookies so now when he comes over, they demand that he go to the cookie jar and give them a cookie  before he sits down.  They nose his leg, then go to the kitchen, they come back and nose him again and give him "that look" and back to the kitchen.  This goes on until he goes in the kitchen and fulfills their request!  On Thanksgiving Day when there were alot of people coming over, the dogs decided to capitalize on this idea and demanded that every person entering the house go to the kitchen and give them cookies!  Well, we dubbed this the dog tax, so now all who enter must pay the dog tax!  Animals are so funny aren't they?  I always wonder what will they come up with next.  They are so intelligent, it's like living with small children!


  1. lol, thats great!!!

    They are so smart, they know how to get the treats =D

  2. That is just too They know exactly what they're MIL says they're just like kids too..and you're both right!!

  3. so funny! and people say dogs don't think... hah!


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