Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Gift Idea with Eileen Hull's Sewing Box

  I used Sizzix's ScoreBoard XL Die - Cantilever Sewing Box by Eileen Hull to make this sweet box. I adore this piece, it's so cute and useful too!  It has 6 little drawers that are perfect for tucking away small pieces of jewelry, sewing notions, any little thing that needs a home.  It's going to be the perfect gift for my Mom as she was an amazing seamstress in her younger years, AND she has this very chest in life size that stands on the floor.  

 It opens up so effortlessly to reveal 6 little drawers that are about 2" x 3".

You can easily make this box, here's what you'll need:

36 small brads
Paper - I've used Graphic 45's Penny's Paper Doll Family collection


Step 1: Cut 2 sheets of paper and 2 sheets of mat/chip board to 6" x 12". You will  need several sheets of Sizzix Mat Board or any medium weight chipboard.

Step 2:  Apply adhesive to the mat board being sure to burnish the adhesive down.  Then, adhere the paper right side up to the mat board.  Place the design paper side down over the die and run through your machine. (You will need the Sizzix extended platform for this step.)   Die-cut everything on the die two times.  You should have all the pieces you will need at this point except for 4 drawers and a bottom which we'll cut in step 8.

NOTE:  If you want the inside of your drawers covered in design paper, apply adhesive and paper to both sides of the mat board so that when you die cut the drawers, both sides are already covered.   The outside of the drawer goes face down on your die, i.e. in these photos, you would put the blue side down on the die.

Step 3:  You can use additional sheets of Sizzix mat board or use smaller scraps as I have to cut the remaining drawers.  Use only the drawer section of the die and cut 4 more drawers.

Step 4:  You should have 6 drawers, 2 lids, 2 leg sets, 4 long hinges and 8 short hinges as shown in the photo.

Step 5:  Ink around all the pieces.  I like to use a Faber-Castell Big Brush pen to get in the scored grooves, a Sharpie also works.  DO be careful not to let the pen slip!

Step 6:  After die cutting, I decided to also cover the inside of the boxes.  If your inside is a nice white color you may wish to omit this step or you could paint the inside.  (Note, it is better and much easier, to apply paper to both sides before die cutting!)

To cover the inside with design paper, die-cut 6 drawers using just the drawer part of the die.  I used adhesive sheets to adhere to the inside box.

Adhere the paper to the bottom first and then the sides.

Step 7:  Next, form the boxes by gluing the sides together using a fast drying glue or hot glue.  I found hot glue easier to use but it is a bit messy. You can use a rubber band to hold the sides together until the glue sets up. 

Step 8:  Assemble all 6 drawers.

Step 9:  Cut a piece of chip or mat board and a piece of design paper to 2 1/8" x 6" to use as a base for the drawers.

Step 10:  Adhere the design paper to the chip or mat board.

Step 11:  Apply Scor-tape or other adhesive to the narrow side of a box (side without the holes).  Also apply Scor-tape to the underside of the base in Step 10.

Step 12:  Adhere two of the boxes together as shown below.  Then adhere the two boxes to the base.

Step 13:  Fold the leg assembly on the score lines and ink.  Adhere to the bottom of the base as shown.

Step 14:  Use small brad to attach the 4 long hinges on the outer corners as  shown.  Attach 4 short hinges to the middle as shown.

Step 15:  Stack two boxes on top and attach the hinges as shown.

Step 16:  Stack the remaining two boxes and attach the remaining 4 hinges as shown as well as attaching the other hinges.  Attach a brad through the 4 empty holes on each side.

Step 17:  The two remaining pieces are the lids. (Sorry I forgot to photo this step)  Ink all around and fold on the score line.  Apply Scor-tape to the small tab and insert into the top box so that it forms a cover as shown below.  Then embellish as you desire.


Thanks for joining me for this very long post!  Christmas is coming and it is past time to think about your special handmade gifts.   one off my list.  Oh dear, time is flying by too fast!!!

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  1. I love the papers you used on this wonderful sewing box Maggi! You have the perfect decorations on top with that sweet sewing machine! Merry Christmas! Julia xx

  2. Thank you so much! I bought this die when it first came out and have never used it, it looked so complicated, but now I see that its not that hard, thanks to your step by step tutorial! I love how you used a big brush pen from Faber Castell to fill in the white areas along the edges, thats brilliant!

    1. Thanks so much Kate, glad I could help. If you plan on papering the inside of your boxes, you can put paper on both sides of the mat board before running it through your diecut machine. That makes for a really nice look and will give the best result.


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