Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This month Flying Unicorn is donating up to $1,000 to Women in Distress.  You can help and here's how.  For each project uploaded to the Flying Unicorn gallery, Flying Unicorn will donate $1.  Help us get $1,000 for Women in Distress.  We need 1,000 uploads to reach our goal.  Come on everyone, load up the gallery!!

If you have never suffered abuse at the hands of your partner, count your blessings.  So many of our sisters have had to endure abuse, both physical and mental.  Some of the Flying Unicorn members have lived these nightmares but somehow found the strength to remove themselves from these situations.  They have shared  their horrific stories, not for your sympathy, but to inspire other woman and give courage and strength to those in need.  Their stories are purposeful examples meant to empower.  Women in Distress is ready and waiting to aid those women who so desperately need hel

Please help us help Women in Distress by uploading your creations to the Flying Unicorn Gallery.

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