Saturday, May 1, 2010

Another paper bag album

I just love making these little PBA's.  They are just so fun!  This one was a real challenge as I chose to feature the artwork of Salvador Dali.  So no lace, no flowers, I didn't think that look was right at all for Dali.  I did use G45 pps and thought they worked quite well. 


There are tags tucked into a pocket on the left.

The right side has a flap that opens up.

Flap opened.

The left side striped pp is a pocket to put tags or photos into.

The right side has a pocket for holding photos.

The left side has a pocket.

Sorry, this is a bad photo, the blacks are appearing as gray.

Tags to put in the pockets.

Thanks for taking a look !!


  1. Looks awesome Maggironi!

    I really need to do more, I keep getting distracted with other things

  2. Wow..this is so very creative Maggi! Loving those tags too~GREAT JOB on this..they are addicting aren't they?

  3. awesome job on the paper bag album,told u they are alot of fun!


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