Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mount St Helens

We visited the northwest in 2007 and I am just now getting those pictures scrapped.  Our favorite part of that trip was our visit to Mount St Helens.  That is the most astonishing place; if you are ever anywhere near, I highly recommend a stop there.  The logs floating on Spirit Lake fascinated me the most.  The surface of the lake is covered with huge rafts of logs, all of which remain from the blast when Mount St Helens blew.  The logs were quickly petrified by the various gases released and so they float on the top of the lake as a constant reminder of the devastation.  The area around Mount St Helens is slowly returning to life but there is still much evidence of the blast.  You can see miles of downed trees.  It really is a fascinating place.

So here are two pages that I created.  They ae simple LOs but I think they showcase the photos nicely.  The long journal telss the story of the eruption.  The white on the photo of the lake that looks like a beach, is actually the logs on the lake surface.

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