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OH this dog of mine,  she is so not normal.  Early this year she decided to get crazy.  So what did she do, she "borrowed" our motorhome, drove to NY to pick up her new BFF, Escape Kitty, and off these two went to visit Chena's wild buddies that she met last year while we were all in Alaska.  Then they went to Morocco, wonder where they are now? 

Now if you don't know the story of Escape Kitty, then you are missing out on some major giggles,  go visit Escape Kitty's blog, but not until you read Chena's page of course, LOL!!  Kitty has her blog all organized with the escapades numbered, you know how cats are....  Chena, she's a dog, she's just throwing her stories up here and hopes you find you way through them!

BEGGING ON THE STREET - October 1, 2011

So Kitty's been in timeout because she took Jen's credit card without her knowing, to help finance this dynamic duo's trip to Morocco.  Well I just have to laugh, just a little, 'cause Jen didn't care how much they were spending as long as it was on MY credit card that I so stupidly gave Chena when they started their journey to Alaska.  Well, Jen came to visit me last weekend and we straightened out those credit card bills!!  And to further foil this silly pair of hooligans, we shredded the cards and got new ones for ourselves that THEY don't know about!  Ha-ha Chena and Kitty.

So those two don't waste a minute, where in the heck are they now?  And my gosh they're so famous now that someone emailed me this photo of the two sitting on the street begging of all things.  Chena, you're a poodle, you know - a high class dog.  Poodles don't beg, I am so ashamed of you.  But hey, who could resist those big sad puppy eyes, looks like she's going to cry any minute now doesn't it.  Meanwhile, Kitty is looking quite aloof as usual!  Maybe begging is a good thing, maybe she'll get rich and share with me.  Remember the Wall Street broker that was really begging on the street and fooling everyone?  That could be Chena.

So check out that lovely silk scarf that Chena is wearing - yeah, she bought that in Morocco, and it cost more than 5¢ too!!  She is really getting carried away, next she'll be wanting her bed lined with mink.  And no Alpo for this dog, oh no, my credit card bill has charges from Mortons and Ruth Chris.  Steak for Chena and fish for Kitty no doubt and a side of that great creamed spinach I am sure!  Chena loves her veggies, oh but that's another story!

Now get Kitty's side of the story,  at Escape Kitty's blog.

Thanks to Kitty's Mama, Jen (Jrabs), for sharing Kitty's adventures with me.  We've had a hoot with these two hooligans!

February 27, 2011
Have you been following the adventures of Escape Kitty (EK) on My good friend, Jennifer (jrabs) has a cat that is trying desperately to escape the confines of her house. Poor sweet EK longs to be outdoors but alas, Wiley Coyote, has been spotted so EK is destined to be an indoor kitty. Jennifer posted a challenge to do an Escape LO of whatever is your escape and I thought it would be fun to do a LO of Chena and EK. EK has her bags packed and is waiting patiently by the door for Chena to pick her up in her mobile doghouse and they are off to Alaska. HA-ha, they don't know that it is still really cold in Alaska and the ground is covered with snow. They are in for a BIG suprise. And geez, Chena has never driven in the snow before. I sure hope they make the jouney safely. I told Chena to be sure not to let EK eat any birds but I think the birds will be safe as there are only 6 species that spend the winter in Alaska so the hunting will be sparse for EK! LOL, Chena put lots of cat food in the doghouse for EK!

Journal says: EK, come travel with me in my mobile doghouse. I've been from coast to coast, Florida to Nova Scotia, and all the way to Alaska.

And so the Saga of Escape Kitty and Chena was born!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Saga Continues! Chena and Escape Kitty

My good friend Jennifer, (Jrabs), has a beautiful cat, Escape Kitty, who was longing to escape the confines of her home! Well she and Chena cooked up this scheme to steal the motorhome and make their way to Alaska and those two rogues are now on the road!! They are BFF's now but Jennifer says Chena will get tired of Kitty's complaining about the snow and cold 'cause Kitty doesn't like to have cold feets!! Well so far no problems. Chena pee-mailed this photo to me, aren't they sweet snuggled up together?

Check out the (mis)adventures of Chena and Escape Kitty here at Jennifer's gallery. Jen has done a series of LOs on Kitty's adventures and you can find out why Kitty wanted to escape in the first place!

This month Escape Kitty is hosting a challenge at to scrap your friends and family. Come join in the fun, here at This is my entry, Chena and her new BFF, Escape Kitty.

I did this LO using the gorgeous April kit from Swirlydoos that features Bo Bunny's Gabrielle collection. It is really pretty! The burlap, lace, mosaic tiles, letters and "Together..." tag are from my stash, the rest is from the kit. I made the flowers with cardstock that was in the kit (sprayed with glimmer mist from my stash) and the leaves are some that LisaG has posted for us to use at SD's, thanks Lisa!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Escape Kitty and Chena - the continuing saga...

When last we saw Kitty and Chena they were literally nose to nose with Mr Moose and in the snow. See this great page that my friend Jennifer, Jrabs, did. (You really should visit her gallery, she is incredibly talented!!) But now the snows have melted and the girls have made it to Alaska!!! Chena peemailed this photo recently and I just had to scrap it. Don't they look soo cute?!! I think Chena must have stopped somewhere and had her hair done 'cause look at that cute little bow in her hair. Wonder if Kitty put it there for her?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The continuing saga of Escape Kitty and Chena

Got another photo from Chena the other day. Seems the girls are having a lot fun in Alaska playing with bear cubs. Jrabs at posted a great LO of EK and Chena frolicing in the water with a bear cub. Seems they had caught a BIG salmon. I'm betting that the cub caught the bear. Chena does not know how to fish and that fish was way bigger than EK!!
So now EK and Chena are playing with a pair of inland cubs at Denali National Park. Look at our FEARLESS kitty standing inbetween those cubs.

I am thinking that poodle coat is getting pretty long by now and a BIG matted mess. Oh dear, I'll have to shave her down when she gets home, IF she ever gets home. Chena, your Dad and I would really like our motorhome back, July 15th at the latest so you and EK need to turn that rig around and head for home. Ha-ha, I think they are having way too much fun!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Escape Kitty and Chena saga - Where is that cat?

Poor Chena, here she sits looking out the back window of the RV, she is shaking in her poodle boots (sort of like white go-go boots, ha- ha if you remembe those you are my age!) 'cause Escape Kitty has disappeared. Oh no Chena!! What are you going to tell Jennifer (Jrabs)? You know she is expecting Kitty to be home very soon.

So Chena and Kitty were on their way home from Alaska when Chena decided it would be fun to take Kitty to her old "stomping grounds" in Denver. She wanted to introduce Kitty to her Uncle Willie, her mostest favorite person in the world besides me and dh, of course. Technically Chena, along with us, lived in Lakewood which is a western suburb of Denver and wouldn't you know, not all that far from Bailey, CO where Swirlydoos was having their annual scrapfest, camp, whatever....

So when Chena and EK arrived at Uncle Willie's, and got out of the motorhome, EK bolted, like she was gone in a flash, Chena called and called after her, but alas EK was gone and now Chena is afraid to come home. Chena knows that there are coyotes in the area because she had a barkfest at 2 am with one in our backyard. (I was not happy that I had to get up and drag her back in the house by the way. In fact I had to stomp through a foot of snow to get her) So she is really afraid for EK. We know that EK is not allowed outdoors unless supervised because of the coyotes.

What Chena doesn't know is that EK ran away to go find her human, jrabs in Bailey, CO at the Swirlydoos camp.

Now what you dont' know is that Uncle Willie just turned 60 and he is kinda depressed. I'm guessing he and Chena are hanging out swilling champagne 'cause that's what Uncle Willie does.

Meanwhile I've been trying to email Chena and tell her that EK is ok and that she can come home. In fact, she'd better get her poodle butt home 'cause i want my motorhome back!! No more joyriding Chena!! Jrabs is not mad at her, in fact she appreciated that Chena brought EK to Denver so that EK could go home with her in the big skybird! But Chena is not answering her peemail, she is probably passed out in Uncle Willie's guest room....snoring in her sleep and dreaming about EK...oh where, oh where has my little cat gone, oh where or where can she be?

Monday, July 11, 2011

The continuing sage of Chena and Escape Kitty

So when I last heard from Chena she had lost Escape Kitty when she stopped at Uncle Willie's. Poor Chena she watned EK to meet her dear sweet favorite person (besides me of course) and EK jumped out of the motorhome and ran away. Well now, finally that dog is home and it certainly is time. As I suspected, she had been swilling champagne with her Uncle Willie as you can see in this picture. I sent her an email and told her that EK was home with jrabs and everything was A_OK so she finally decided to bring the rolling doghouse home!! She was quite elated to hear that EK was home as she really was worried about her dear kitty friend. They are indeed the odd couple but I think they had a grand old time in Alaska! But OMG, that motorhome sure does smell. What's up with that cat that she can't clean out her littler box? Me thinks that Miss Kitty just might be spoiled. I believe she might be a little princess!! I just have a feeling those two are up to something. Chena is sneaking around, using my computer when I'm not watching, I don't know what the heck she's searching for but I keep seeing addresses to far away places. And then the other night, she was watching I Dream of Jeannie online. What's up with that? You know, why can't she lay around and chew on a bone like a normal dog??

Friday, August 5, 2011

EK and Chena in Morocco!
So here we go again....That dog and That cat are out traipsing the world again and now they're in Morocco!!! And how did they get there you ask, obviously they didn't drive the motorhome!! Well if you can believe it, they found a Magic Carpet and off they flew. Yeah, right you say, well we have pictures and you can see them here, in jrabs gallery. Jennifer (jrabs) is Kitty's Mom. Take a trip through her gallery and you'll find out all about Kitty and Chena. In a nutshell, poor Kitty has to stay indoors because a coyote has moved into her neighborhood and Jennifer fears for dear Kitty's life. Now Kitty is not too happy about this so she has been trying to escape ever since. Now Chena, being a particularly resourceful and smart dog, learned of Kitty's plight (pet ESP I guess) and took our motorhome to New York, rescued Kitty, and the two of them headed for a grand vacation in Alaska. After a couple of months of frolicing there, Chena finally brought the RV home and took off again for Niagara Falls where she and Kitty took a barrel over the falls!! That little adventure got them arrested but oh don't you know, they were resting on a little carpet in their jail cell that turned out to be magical and now they are in Morocco riding camels and who knows what else!! And I might add that Chena still has my credit card!!!!! Ha-ha, I am going to cancel that sucker and hopefully that will force Chena and EK to hop that magic carpet and come home!!

So Chena, being the loving dog that she is and not wanting her dear parents to worry, pee-mails home frequently and sent us this photo. Can you believe it? Yeah, EK's up there on the camel with her, she is sitting right behind Chena.

EK Pirate and Chena - Where are they off to now?

 Oh my gosh, what ARE those two up to now? I thought it was kind of odd when I saw her digging around in the attic in the old costumes bin. But you know with Chena, she could as well be looking for a long forgotten bone as a costume. Oh but no, she was looking for a skullcap. Am I the only person in the world with a crazed animal that is overtaken by wanderlust? Um no, Jen aka Jrabs has Escape Kitty that is Chena's partner in crime. And from the appearance of the lamp post I'd say these two are gearing up for a sail to Australia. I sure hope Kitty knows how to sail 'cause all Chena knows how to do is drive our motorhome.

Oh just makes me start humming CSN Southern Cross, love that song.

Be safe Kitty and Chena, watch out for the sharks and crocodiles. Chena mind you manners and be sweet to Kitty, I don't want you to end up in the brig!

Be sure and visit Escape Kitty blog for the rest of the story!!  There's a link on my sidebar.


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